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The Ultimate Wordpress Cheat Sheet: Share Your Own Journey Today!

Before different platforms have emerged on the field of technology, making websites were considered as a challenge for ordinary people without the enough budget and concepts to make it into reality. Seeing this situation today, people do not worry in establishing their own sites through the use of versatile and functional blogging and sharing platforms – particularly the Wordpress.

Before starting a new one on this site, you must learn everything you need to know about Wordpress, and here is the ultimate Wordpress cheat sheet in a nutshell. You can also see the Wordpress beginner’s guide for more information and strategies. Without further ado, share your journey now with Wordpress!

What is Wordpress?

Belonging to a variety of the Content Management System (CMS), Wordpress is a free registration online content website that can cater to people with no experience of coding or the traditional Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) knowledge.

It was created in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg came up to an idea of creating simple blogs and hosting them into the internet world, and it has grown for the last decade, boosting up into a powerful and functional tool that can cope with any type of content.

What differentiates Wordpress from its competitors?

Before delving deeper, Wordpress is considered as open-source software, in which anyone who has the access to the website can freely modify and download it without any copyright restriction as per the GNU General Public License.

The blogging platform is free and no charge for everyone who might want to join their dedicated community, Wordpress is more than willing to accept you in the team as a new member, and they provide the users with low-cost yet amazing tools and utilities.

As a Content Management System (CMS), users are able to grow and nurture alongside the website itself. As users discover new strategies, skills, and techniques to enhance their own website, a room for improvement can be made by Wordpress, and it will let the user discover more than the platform’s surface.

What can a user do inside the Wordpress world?

When Wordpress was established in 2003, the main objective of the founders was to create only a hosting site that can share different blog contents, but it is more than that in the present time. Wordpress are not only for blogs anymore, but other type of site that you could think of. E-commerce stores, for running a store and reaching thousands of customers with just a click; business sites, in building a remarkable online presence, integrating your own branding, and sharing information; online portfolios, for featuring your skills, achievements, and accomplished projects to find new ones; news sites, in sharing news articles that are happening around the globe; community hubs, where people of the same hobbies, interests, and likes meet virtually; affiliate websites, in monetizing and advertising a site; and more content styles can be generated through this website.

In Wordpress, creativity and imaginations that you have not yet expressed in the physical world can be greatly implied here, with the use of numerous applications, plug-ins, themes, designs, and other basic elements that makes a certain website stand out from others. As a beginner, work on your imagination today and sign up for the world’s finest sharing      platform – Wordpress!