Kenny Gregory, Euro League Professional Basketball Player


As a professional athlete, I have pushed my body to the limit for the past eight years. OXYwater helps me get through the demanding practice schedule overseas.

Our Story

We didn't set out to create a revolutionary new kind of water. We're just an ordinary bunch of guys and gals who have always tried to be healthy.

We're all outdoorsy, active, and generally pretty thirsty. And we're always drinking water for hydration. So we've tried just about every water there is. All we wanted was healthy water that tasted good and didn't have sugar or artificial ingredients. But we couldn't find one.

Let's face it, plain bottled water is boring. And nearly all the 'enhanced' waters out there are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Some of them even sneak in caffeine. (You have to read those labels!)

Then one day, our founders ran across some information about the effect that oxygen has on water. It's deep scientific stuff, but basically, when you purify water, or when it sits around too long, the dissolved oxygen in the water escapes. So the water can taste flat or bitter.

Adding oxygen to water lightens the taste. Some say it makes water taste sweet. And a few people believe that oxygenated water has some pretty amazing health benefits. Who are we to argue?

So we consulted with some of the world's top beverage formulators, and started talking about how to create our own healthy water. After playing with the formula for many months, we came up with OXYwater™.

We were as surprised as anyone to learn that we had done something so remarkable, because OXYwater™ is incredibly simple.

It's pure, filtered water. Loads of extra oxygen. B vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Plus it packs an antioxidant punch that's equal to 3 servings of fresh fruit. Best of all, it's all-natural and tastes great. We even came up with 3 delicious flavors: Cherry-Pomegranate, Passion Berry, and Island Citrus.

The reaction has been amazing. Seems like everyone loves OXYwater™. Now it's showing up in grocery stores, health clubs, and all over the place. This whole thing took us by surprise. But we're pretty happy to be doing it. We love OXYwater™. And we think you will too.