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How To Style One Red Lingerie Piece For Every Holiday

Holiday-themed lingerie has a major following on the women’s lingerie market. From festive sexy Santa costumes for the holiday season to heart-shaped G-strings for Valentine’s Day, holiday-themed styles swarm the lingerie market several times a year as various annual holidays approach.

Although wearing holiday-themed lingerie can be a lot of fun and add an exciting, unique spark to your life in the bedroom, it also takes a lot of time, effort, and money to buy new festive lingerie styles for every holiday on the calendar year after year. When it comes to holiday lingerie, a single piece of red lingerie can be much more versatile than you might think.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on brand new holiday-themed lingerie multiple times per year, you can create ultra-sexy festive lingerie looks with just one versatile red style that you can get more use out of throughout the year as well. Chances are good that you already have a selection of red lingerie in your closet. Start with any red lingerie style, and use these tips to guide you toward creating festive lingerie looks for every holiday.

  • For Your Partner’s Birthday

There’s no specific theme when it comes to wearing lingerie for your partner’s birthday, but it can be fun to put a little more effort into create an extra sexy look on your partner’s special day.

Dress up in a skintight red teddy and add garters and stiletto heels for an extra sexy finish. Surprise your partner by slipping into the room at bedtime wearing nothing but a red babydoll with nothing underneath. Get some scandalous props or accessories and bring them to bed while wearing a red bra and panty set that enhances your curves in all the right places. Virtually any red lingerie look with some kind of special finishing touch that sets it apart from the lingerie you wear on a regular basis is perfect for your partner’s birthday.

  • For the Holiday Season

Red is a very festive color, which makes it the perfect choice for holiday-themed lingerie. Since the holiday season is all about giving—and getting—a gift-themed lingerie outfit is the ideal sexy festive look.

Start with a sexy red lingerie style—like a red teddy, bra and panty set, or babydoll—and add simple, inexpensive ribbon or bow accessories to make it more festive and fit for the holiday season.

  • For Valentine’s Day

Just like for the holiday season, red is one of the colors that is most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day—which is convenient if you’re trying to re-wear a single lingerie style for multiple holidays.

Since Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love and romance, it is linked with flirty femininity.   Delicate pieces like a lacy red babydoll or bra and panty set are perfect options for V-Day. If you’re looking for more special options, you can explore more versatile red Valentine’s Day lingerie pieces from