During my team practices I don't drink any sports drinks that are on the market because they normally cause me to cramp up. So one day during practice I handed my trainer a bottle of OXYwater to keep in my cooler so I could test it out on my next break. After drinking the OXYwater, I continued practicing and didn't cramp up, not once. Now, OXYwater is my official hydration regiment.

Eric Weems
Pro Bowler, Atlanta Falcons

As a professional athlete, I have pushed my body to the limit for the past eight years. OXYwater helps me get through the demanding practice schedule overseas.

Kenny Gregory
Euro League Professional Basketball Player

Typically, sports drinks are sub-par, taste-wise... But I drink OXYwater even when I'm not working out.

Shaun Stonerook

My name is Keith Walton and I am the Dean of students as well as the Head football coach at Augusta Christian Schools. I am writing this to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I was working out a group of athletes on the football field and half way into the workouts one of my linemen could not go any more. He was dehydrated and sick to his stomach. I had to sit him out of his workouts because he was over heated and allowing everyone to see his breakfast. I decided at that point to put the Oxywater to the test. I gave him a bottle of the black, and 10 minutes later he was back up and ready to go. I have never seen a drink that allowed someone to recover so quickly. I am sold on the Oxywater product. The players at Augusta Christian Schools are sold on it as well. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product.

Coach Keith Walton
Head Football/Dean of Students
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