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What People Are Saying

During my team practices I don't drink any sports drinks that are on the market because they normally cause me to cramp up. So one day during practice I handed my trainer a bottle of OXYwater™ to keep in my cooler so I could test it out on my next break. After drinking the OXYwater™, I continued practicing and didn't cramp up, not once. Now, OXYwater™ is my official hydration regiment.
Eric Weems
Pro Bolwer, Atlanta Falcons


As a professional athlete, I have pushed my body to the limit for the past eight years. OXYwater™ helps me get through the demanding practice schedule overseas.
Kenny Gregory
Euro League Professional Basketball Player


Typically, sports drinks are sub-par, taste-wise… But I drink OXYwater™ even when I’m not working out.
Shaun Stonerook
Euro League Professional Basketball Player


"WOW!! and REALLY?!?" are the two words that keep coming out of my mouth every time I'm drinking a bottle of OXYwater. After battling being over weight for over 15 years,I decided I could no longer live that way & had to make a change. On July 11,2021 I had gastric bypass. After doing endless hours of research & working in the Pharmacy world for almost 10 years I thought I was well prepared & knew what to expect. I knew I had a long, difficult road ahead of me, but had my "Bring It" attitude about it. I knew that having Gastric Bypass would put me at a very high risk to become deficient in many crucial vitamins and minerals & I would be taking lots of multi vitamins, supplements,etc..(just to name a few) for the rest of my life because the surgery drastically decreases how certain vitamin and minerals are absorbed. Six weeks after surgery, I hired a personal trainer and we began to work out 4-5 times a week. Of course during and after each workout I was so thirsty but was so tired of drinking water! For a girl who loves almost anything that's not healthy-ranging from carbs,sugar,greasy food,etc. my options were getting slim. I, of course, whined & complained to my friend & she suggested OXYwater. She grabs me a bottle & as I reluctantly and skeptically read the label I say to myself "great...it's sugar free,carb free, calorie free,no artificial sweeteners,yada yada yada..ugh! Too bad she's not standing here because I'd just throw this bottle out-I know what every "diet" or healthy drink taste like...cardboard." I took a sip and I remember being very confused. I once again said "WOW!...REALLY?!?!-this stuff tastes amazing!" I took a double and triple look @ the bottle & it's label and told my friend "there is no way what's in this bottle is what this label says." She said "I know right!? Isn't it delicious??!? Huh?!?" I still wasn't 100% convinced-so i went to tryoxywater.com & did some research. Once again after about 10 minutes of reading, i said "WOW! REALLY!?" Not only does it taste amazing,but it has no sugar,carbs or calories, but yet had the added B3,B5,B6,B12 vitamins & THREE servings of fresh fruit per bottle? It has extra oxygen added to it and MORE trace minerals than Pedialyte? I love it! 6 months later here I am (115 lbs LESS) & I owe it to making good food choices & drinking OXYwater throughout the day, during and after my workouts. So..OXYwater thank you so much for helping me thus far with my weight loss journey! I really can't tell you how amazing OXYwater is!! All I can say is "WOW.....REALLY?!??
Sonjya Pelletier
Columbia, SC


I am a fan of a flavorful drink while I work out. However, it is so hard to find something that isn't packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners. As I am prepping for my WNBF Pro shows this fall, I have learned about OXYwater™. I have tried several of the flavors and loved them all. I look forward to getting up for my early cardio sessions knowing I have a refreshing and healthy 'water' to sip on during my workout. I followed this up by bringing a bottle to the gym with me during my weight training workouts. I love the flavor; and especially love knowing there are not calories/sugars/artificial sweeteners but lots of antioxidants to replenish my body with the things that matter during a hard workout! I will definitely be drinking OXYwater™ during all my workouts!
Stephanie Foley
WNBF Pro Bodybuilder / INBF Cardinal Classic Promoter


My daughter (7th grade cross country runner and competition dancer) has been drinking the OXYwater™. She cross country trains/competes 10 hours a week, dances 8 hours a week and does gymnastics 1 hour a week and she reports feeling an improvement in her stamina and endurance and has been promoting OXYwater™ to her cross country team/coaches and dance team/instructors! Everyone is very excited! Thanks so much for a great product! We are looking forward to a strong partnership.
Annie Griffin


I tried OXYwater™ this evening prior to and while I instructed one of my classes and DEFINITELY noticed a difference. I felt fantastic and like I could keep going indefinitely! No jitters or weird feeling like you get from other energy drinks. I had some of my students try it as well and they were impressed with the flavor and no calories or sugar. We are hooked!!! So excited about this product as a fitness professional. I told my clients that it is like fish tanks with the oxygen being pumped in...eurphoric! Good job!!
Stephanie Pishotti


I drank OXYwater™ before, during and after my two hour workout and for the first time EVER I was not sore the next day!!! Not only did I feel good Physically, but Mentally I was so focused that I knocked a whole 2 hours off of my normal studying time for my Anatomy test, I also scored 10 points higher than my last two anatomy tests. Even after my workout, studying, and testing, I still had this vast amount of energy to do my "spring cleaning" with a smile on my face! What I love most about OXYwater™ is that it has all good qualities and no bad qualities!!!
Ashley Black


My friend practically forced me to drink OXYwater™ one day. After I saw it had no sugar I figured it would have no taste so I never bothered with it until she brought me a bottle (20 oz). I drank the whole bottle (20 oz) as well as her bottle (20 oz) too! I was surprised at how sweet it was and how great it tasted! That night I went out to the club and completely over did it with ten shots of tequila. I only had four hours of sleep and couldn't even remember what happened that night. I just knew I was going to have one of the worst hangovers ever, having to be at work the next morning at 7:00am, but to my surprise I felt like I had a great night of rest because I had energy to get up and cook breakfast for my family! I went to work and was not tired and didn't have a headache or stomach ache at all! After my 8 hour shift, I still had energy to go to the gym and do a one hour cardio-aerobics class! I honestly think OXYwater™ has invented a cure for the "HANGOVER"!


When I first heard the name "OXYwater™" being a highly health conscious individual and Master of Science, it immediately caught my attention and piqued my interest. Then when I found out the dynamite ingredients that were packed inside and the science behind the liquid incapsulating oxygen, I said, let me taste this stuff. With it having no sugar, I thought this probably taste like colored water with little to no flavor. I was pleasantly surprised at the rich flavor; crisp, clean, and great taste of this product; I thought, unbelievable. This is the next phenomenon among energy and healthy beverages.
Al, M.S. - 40
Omni-Prolific Sports Inc.



Upon tasting this product, and understanding the ingredients therein, I was sold. I drink "OXYwater™" before, during and after my workouts, and my recovery time, focus, and energy levels are noticably higher. Because of the additional oxygen encapsulated in this beverage ...I am able to work out longer, get more reps, which means I simply burn more fat and I am able to build more lean muscle. Wow! I'm never going back to those sugary drinks that cause me to crash after a quick burst of energy. This product is incredible, I've even noticed that my skin is looking more radiant, I love it.
Yolanda -37



This product really quinched my thirst, and my mental alertness was certainly hightened, without question. I love that feeling. I feel more vibrant and alive.
Harland -67


When they asked me for a statement regarding the "OXYwater™" product, after tasting it an using it for approximately 23 Days, I simply said, All I use to drink was Vitamin Water... now all I drink is "OXYwater™", this product is, simply put, revolutionary. This company has really raised the bar in the healthy beverage industry...outstanding!
Eric - 41
Fitness Trainer
Ex- Division I Football Player



I love the taste of OXYwater™; it's incredible! The taste is so good that I almost forget that I.m drinking water. As a police officer and football coach, it is very important to keep my body hydrated. One of the most important benefits of OXYwater™ is that it provides me with increased energy levels, which keeps me alert and focused.
Tony L.


I was able to taste all three flavors of OXYwater™. I personally like Passion Berry the best it had more flavor and sweeter than the other two drinks. I would recommend them to anyone.


I was given a taste test of the three OXYwater™ flavors and like them all. My favorite was the Island Citrus. It was the tanginess of this flavor that I remembered the most.


OXYwater™ water rocks!! I like them all!! A water drink that provides all this good stuff is a game changer. I can.t wait until it gets into the stores.


These three flavors of OXYwater™ are great mixers for drinks. That.s a first. You have to try them. They are really good and tasty cold. I am excited about the future of OXYwater™.


I was amazed when I first drank OXYwater™. There was no after taste, it made my lips smack and it reminded me of cool aid..but it.s water. Wow.they may be onto something.


I am person that is not easily convinced or more cautious than others. But when I tried OXYwater™ I know immediately this was something that would set itself apart from the water beverage world.