Kenny Gregory, Euro League Professional Basketball Player


As a professional athlete, I have pushed my body to the limit for the past eight years. OXYwater helps me get through the demanding practice schedule overseas.

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OXYwater Expands globally

OXYwater Brings You-Common Myths Surrounding Exercise And Hydration When people are getting involved in an exercise program for the first time they are often quite concerned and confused over what to do to stay hydrated.
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When they asked me for a statement regarding the "OXYwater™" product, after tasting it an using it for approximately 23 Days, I simply said, All I use to drink was Vitamin Water... now all I drink is "OXYwater™", this product is, simply put, revolutionary. This company has really raised the bar in the healthy beverage industry...outstanding!
  • Eric - 41
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Ex- Division I Football Player
  • Ohio