OXYwater™ has broad appeal due to its totally healthy approach! This health conscious approach makes it the perfect choice for...
  • Healthy hydration for exercise
  • Non-sugar alternative for kids
  • No-guilt drink for weight loss
  • Light pick-me-up for work•
  • Delicious choice for light meals•
  • Smart option for diabetics
Available in these sizes:
  • 20 fl oz single
  • 12 Pack
  • 24 Pack
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Kenny Gregory, Euro League Professional Basketball Player


As a professional athlete, I have pushed my body to the limit for the past eight years. OXYwater helps me get through the demanding practice schedule overseas.

Stay tune to these up and coming promotions
  • My Flavor Campaign

    My Flavor is a campaign targeted to inner city youth. OXY is about giving back and being a drink that the entire community can enjoy.

  • A 5 Star Resturant Beverage

    Be on the look out for OXY Black in your favorite 5 Star Restaurant.

  • Ashley Black

    Official informercial coming soon.